We adhere to business philosophy of “quality comes from professionalism, services create values“, provide you with high quality low price and satisfied various towel products. We have professional and responsible internal quality inspector who strictly inspect all raw materials, semi-finished product and finished production for every link, based on specific operation requirements. To ensure products to meet the requirements of customers.

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KLOF towels products do not only meet EU and USA standards, but also meet the demands of strict Japan market, we have several special needle detector machine, to ensure that there are not broken needle, pins and small iron pieces in the products. We also is an appointed professional supplier of the following brands for all kinds of towels: Disney, Coca Cola, Wal-mart, Carrefour, etc.


1. Products Manufacturing Process Chart

klof-quality-control-procedure-chart Quality Certifications


2. Specific Certifications as follow

klof-certifications Quality Certifications


3. Towels Manufacturing Standard reference for China

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china-towels-standard-3-734x1024 Quality Certifications

china-towels-standard-4-727x1024 Quality Certifications

china-towels-standard-5-722x1024 Quality Certifications

china-towels-standard-6-734x1024 Quality Certifications

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