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In order to let you learn more specific detail process how to cooperate with us and make our cooperation more smoothly and high efficiently, we specially wrote this order guides as follow.


Step 1: Establish trust gradually, learn specific requirements

1.1 Establish trust relationships with customers gradually

If no trust, no cooperation, no orders. If no communication, no trust. Because of trust, everything is simple. Only through constantly deeply communicate with our customers, we can gradually establish strong trust relationship, and then we can achieve cooperation and orders, then establish a long-term and win-win cooperation relationship.

1.1.1Show us whole KLOF company to customers:
Through the following pages, you can get specific information about our company, and you will learn our company is a real trustworthy partner.
KLOF factory profile
KLOF products overview
KLOF workshops
Why choose us KLOF
KLOF quality certifications

1.1.2 Make customers themselves feel our trustworthy services:
We believe trust relationship is the feeling of trusting and daring to entrust one person, which means the feeling that we can get along with the one harmoniously, and the one has sufficient ability to solve our problems, and motives of the one is consistent with our requirements. We will endeavor to do this. We will make customers feel it during the process of communication and cooperation with us. We will work hard for the sake of customers, concern customer profits, clearly learn customer needs, solve problems and create values for customers.


1.2 Learn specific products specification from customers.

1.2.1 Product materials and components:
Such as cotton, polyester, microfiber warp/weft, bamboo fiber, wooden fibers, organic cotton, colored cotton, coral fleece, nylon etc., and the percentage of each materials.

1.2.2 Types of yarns:
Such as 16S, 21S / 1,21S / 2,32S / 2,7S, 8S, 10S, zero twisted, twisted cotton etc.

1.2.3 Production technology:
Such as plain weave, satin, jacquard, embroidery, printing (including silk screen/ reactive printing / heat transfer/ pigment), yarn dyed, and velour etc.

1.2.4 Pictures and design drafts:
The best is AI, CDR, PDF format, relatively clear JPG, TIF format are also OK.

1.2.5 Pantone color number:
Please pay attention to the Pantone color number version with special use. Color depth directly affects products price. For example under the same circumstances, white color, light color, medium dark color, dark color, the deeper the color is, the higher the price is.

1.2.6 Product weight:
Please pay attention to the difference between GSM and gram. For cotton towels, it is normal around 400GSM, bellow 300GSM is thin, above 500GSM is thick, hotel floor mats can reach around 1000GSM.

1.2.7 Product quantity:
MOQ usually is 1000KG for each style towel. We can calculate the specific MOQ based on quantity and the weight of single piece towel. Different sizes, different GSM, gap of MOQ is very large. For plain solid color towels, MOQ may be very low such as 200KG per style. For yarn dyed towels, MOQ usual is 250KG per color, meanwhile reach 1000KG per style towel at least.

1.2.8 The way and details of packing:
Carton or woven bag or sack or bulk; whether one towel put into one polybag; whether a picture or Logo printed on polybags and how many colors; whether a specific requirement for polybag materials; ordinary washing labels do not need other cost but woven label or hanging tag needs additional cost, and customers need to provide the specific design drafts.

The specific product specifications above are the most important information for calculating price. It is the best situation that we know all information above, but it is usually difficult for customers to provide full requirements above. So we will continuously ask customer. If you are not familiar with the products specific requirements above, so you can tell us the purpose of the product you buy and your budget target price, rough quantity, delivery time etc., then we can give you more valuable targeted suggestions.


1.3 Confirm product quality and samples details.

1.3.1 The three ways of confirming product quality:
① The clients send us real samples by Express to confirm product quality;
② We provide real samples based on clear specific requirements and pictures of customer to confirm products quality;
③ Both customers and we clearly learn technology and details of the products, it is not necessary for actual samples to confirm product quality.

1.3.2 Existing samples:
We offer free samples and will deliver products within 1-2 days, but you need pay the freight charge;

1.3.3 Time of making customized samples:
3-7 days for simple samples; 10-15 days for complex samples;

1.3.4 Charge of making customized samples:
USD100-200 for simple samples, USD350-700 for complex samples, both including freight costs; the samples charge will be fully returned when your order is placed.

1.3.5 Sending the samples:
After finishing the samples, we will send you real samples by Express in time, and send you samples pictures, package pictures and tracking No. by email. After you receive the sample, if OK, you can approve the product quality. If samples do not meet your requirements, so we will freely remake samples for you until you are satisfied.


1.4 Other requirements of the orders.

1.4.1 Current exchange rate and currency:
Because of foreign currency, exchange rate fluctuations should be noted. If the order amount is very large, we have to consider cost from the forward foreign exchange rate fluctuations influence.

1.4.2 Ways of delivery:
Delivery terms usual is EXW, FCA, FOB, CFR, CIF, but we can make DDU, DDP, etc. by air or by sea; different delivery terms means different delivery place and different costs such as export and import customs clearance charges, import tariff, insurance fee, sea freight charge, land freight fee, air freight fee, delivery charges, unloading fees, handling fees etc.

1.4.3 Payment terms:
Besides usual T/T, Paypal, L/C at sight, Western Union, Escrow and Money Gram, we also accept D/P, O/A30-90 days. Need distinguish various trade charge between the various payment methods such as processing fees, insurance costs, occupying capital costs, risk cost etc.

1.4.4 Testing requirements:
Different testing requirements such as SGS or Intertek etc. means different quality requirements and different costs. You should tell us in advance.

1.4.5 Inspection methods:
Different inspection proportion, different inspection place, different inspection methods, different inspection standard and specific details bring different defect rates and different inspection costs.


Step 2: Confirm product price and confirm the orders.

2.1 Confirm the price.
This is after confirming product materials, technology, design draft, color, weight, quantity, packing, quality, and the payment terms, delivery terms, inspection methods, and testing requirements etc.

2.2 confirm the order:
After confirming the price and samples, you can confirm the order, send us your purchase order, then we send you proforma invoice;

2.3 Pay deposit:
then send us bank transfer slip, so the order takes effect officially.


Step 3: Product bulk production and inspection.

3.1 After we confirm to receive your deposit, we will immediately arrange the bulk production;
3.2 We will strictly control the quality of products you have approved;
3.3 After finishing the first batch products, we will send you the production samples to confirm again.
3.4 After confirming the production samples, we will continuously produce and pack them, and then wait for inspection and shipment;
3.5 For inspection, you can do it during production, or post-production before shipment.


Step 4: Customs clearance, Shipping and order finishing.

(Just take T/T in advance as example)
4.1 After finishing inspection and OK, you pay the remaining 70% balance;
4.2 After receiving your balance, we will arrange customs clearance and shipment according to your requirements, then send you all original and copy bill of lading;
4.3 After you receive the goods and feel satisfied with products, then the order is truly finished;
4.4 In order to do better, we finally want you to evaluate our service and feedback your feelings, comments and suggestions during the entire order process, including but not limited to our product quality, service quality and attitudes etc.

If any requirement or any comments and Suggestions to us, please let me know, thank you very much!

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